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Lifestyle Assessments


Through a series of deep questioning, Luke will analyse the four key areas of your lifestyle in order to make simple and practical recommendations that will generate significant improvements to your wellbeing


Home Assessment

Our homes are our sanctuaries, our places of respite and where we ground ourselves.  Yet, for many, these concepts can feel completely alien to the experience that we actually have when we're at home.  There are so many simple actions and changes that we can make within our homes to make them calmer, more healing and more loving spaces - regardless of who we live with!  In your home assessment, Luke will take a deep dive into your physical home, as well as uncover your thoughts and perceptions of your home, then will analyse this information to offer his recommendations for creating a more fulfilling and nurturing space.


Relationships Assessment

This isn't just about romantic relationships, Luke will help you uncover how those in your life affect your being and why, then guide you on what you can do to support healthy boundaries and encourage healthy relationships with those you love.  The biggest part of this assessment, however, is about your relationship with yourself.  


Diet Assessment

"Diet" doesn't necessarily have to mean weight-loss.  Everything that we choose to eat is our diet, regardless of our BMI.  This assessment is designed to open your eyes and your mind to the things that you choose to put in your body, so that you can make simple and healthier choices without the stress of counting calories, relying on meal-replacement products or simply just feeling so confused that we end up just ordering take-away!  Luke has been through every diet imaginable for both weight-loss and general health, and the most important thing he learned is that there's no one thing that works.  We're all different and unique individuals with our own issues, tolerances and intolerances.  With Luke, you can make bespoke, lasting and meaningful change to your diet with minimal stress or financial sacrifice, for a healthier and happier you.        


Work Assessment  

As a former Human Resources Manager, Recruiter and Adult Educator, and someone who's ventured into many self-employment opportunities - some successful and some less so, Luke has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to work and careers.  During this assessment Luke will work with you to understand what your beliefs and expectations are about employment, and help uncover what it is that you're really here to do, and how you can make that happen.  

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