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Freedom Talking with Luke 

Have you ever felt that counselling or other professional talking therapies just don't feel right for you, yet you still feel the need for someone impartial to talk to?  This is exactly where Luke comes in. 


"Having been through professional services myself many times throughout my adulthood, I found that there were times when my issues just didn't feel big enough to warrant formal counselling, yet the urge to get things off my chest and seek an impartial view point really felt necessary, but I felt there was nowhere to turn for this kind of service, so I created it" - Luke

Luke is not a professional in talking therapy, but by nature, he found himself to always be the one who his friends and family came to for a listening ear or some well-rounded advice.  When he opened his first yoga studio, this naturally developed and Luke would find that his clients would also come to him for similar reasons.  

When you have a freedom talking session with Luke, you can expect a hour of good, honest, and non-judgemental conversation.  Luke will offer impartial perspectives and a wealth of wisdom and experience to draw from, in the hope that you leave feeling a little bit lighter and a little bit wiser.

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