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Personal Development Mentoring  brings together all of Luke's skills and experience over the last fourteen years of his spiritual exploration, and creates a bespoke and unique package that serves to take you from a place of stuckness to a place of freedom.

"I want you to feel your greatness, experience true freedom and find your super power within whatever challenges, pain or limiting beliefs that are holding you back." - Luke 

Luke will work with you for an agreed period between 3—12 months, creating a holistic package that’s tailored to your specific needs.  Beginning with a Human Design Consultation, you can work on establishing who you truly are and why.  Then using a range of modalities and practices, Luke will work with you to better your physical, mental and spiritual health.  He will then mentor you towards a your goals and desires - helping you figure out your life path and how to achieve the best from your Human experience.  

Whether you’re struggling with life, feeling a lack of purpose, can’t get motivated, need help understanding who you are, are suffering with chronic illness, are feeling stuck, lost or alone, then Luke can help you move forward.  Using his own experiences as well as his professional background, he would love to have the opportunity to mentor you back to your true self. 

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