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Welcome, I'm delighted to have you here.

My name is Luke Voulgarakis, founder of LV Life. You may have already noticed a lot of pictures of me doing yoga!  In 2009 yoga found me, and for twelve glorious years it was the most special part of my purpose.  In 2021 the Universe decided it had other plans for me, when I fell down one fateful step and broke seven bones, derailing my yoga career. 


This isn't the first knock-back I've had, the last decade or two have been quite the rollercoaster.  From devastating family losses, a long-term relationship breakdown, a mental breakdown, chronic illness and multiple attempts at starting my own businesses, with many hiccups ("learning opportunities!") along the way.  But I've also had some of the most incredible adventures too, like marrying my soul partner, adopting two beautiful daughters, finally breaking free of the corporate World, and most importantly, finding self-love and deep inner happiness.  


While I was laid up in hospital in October 2021, and maybe it was the pain drugs talking, but I knew within my whole being that my injuries weren't just a freak accident, but a divine one.  There were plenty of ignored signs before this that were clear messages that it was time to expand from simply being a yoga teacher.  Of course, I had a lot of time to ponder this divine message while I was on bed rest, and it became clear to me that everything I had done up until this point was leading me to this very moment.

As a former Human Resources Manager and an award winning Learning & Development Specialist (yes, I'm blowing my own trumpet!), it was clear that my time spent in the rat-race was not wasted.  I had thirteen years of incredible people knowledge behind me, understanding behaviours and learning styles.  Combined with many years of yoga study and practice, and personal interests in spirituality and healing practices, I knew it was time to use my gifts to better the World.  

In late 2022, 13 months after my accident, I decided to open the LV Life Healing Centre, then in June 2023 I moved next door and opened the LV Life Wellbeing Centre in Fareham, Hampshire, and started the Fareham Positive Living Group.


Here's what you can expect...

In creating LV Life, my aim is to reach people who are in need of transformation.  In the same way that I have had to transform and reinvent my life over and over, I want to use these experiences to help others go through similar processes, without the pain of having to figure it all out alone. 

Human Design has allowed me to understand myself on a much deeper level, and to make sense of why I am the way I am, and why I present myself in the World in the way that I do.  Through Human Design I have learned my best method work working, the best way to eat, the best way to interact with my Husband, the best ways for us to raise our children, and the best way of living my truth.  All of these life-changingly insightful pieces of information have totally transformed my World and the World of those I love.  

Believe me when I say that I've tried every weird, wonderful and whacky modality out there to 'resolve' my issues, my health and my life, until Human Design taught me that I've had the answers within me this whole time, because we are born into this World with a life-long instruction manual that we just need to know how to access.  Human Design gave me those instructions, and I've never looked back.

Yoga and Human Design aren't the only things I do, they're both lifestyle philosophies that help inform everything I do.  My aim is to apply what I know and have learned throughout my journey in order to help you succeed in yours. 

At the LV Life Wellbeing Centre I proudly bring all my talents, skills and experience together to host a variety of different services:

Yoga & Meditation Classes, Day Retreats, Fareham Positive Living Group, Human Design & Tarot Readings and more...

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