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Fareham Positive Living Group

This group brings together spiritually curious and like-minded people to explore alternative, spiritual and philosophical topics. Each event will have a guest speaker who will run their own workshops or talk based on a theme or topic of their choice.

Groups run from 7:30 - 9pm monthly on Friday evenings, at the LV Life Wellbeing Centre in Fareham, Hampshire.


The cost is £10 per person - 50% goes to the speaker and 50% covers the costs of running this community group.

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Upcoming Events


Friday 24th May 2024, 7:30-9pm

Self Transformation with Kelley Thomas

Kelley will be talking to us about her work and how it all comes together to create her bespoke approach to Holistic Health. She will also give us a Meditation Exercise and an Affirmation Practice.

Kelley says...

“I invite you to experience my Bespoke Practice with Meditation Mindfulness, Chakra Balance, Reiki, Healing and so much more!

You can experience feeling calmer, feeling safe in your body, being more productive in healthy ways, calming the nervous system & healing your mind and body.

It can also help you to move past blocks and identify what's keeping you limited and stuck, by looking at self-sabotage and much more, for a happier healthier you!

I provide a beautiful safe space for optimum comfort and relaxation, feeling safe and completely relaxed, allowing the wonderful and beautiful benefits of my work to flow, guiding you to self heal and discover your true purpose.”

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