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Fareham Positive Living Group

This group brings together spiritually curious and like-minded people to explore alternative, spiritual and philosophical topics. Each event will have a guest speaker who will run their own workshops or talk based on a theme or topic of their choice.

Groups run from 7:30 - 9pm on alternate Friday evenings, at the LV Life Wellbeing Centre in Fareham, Hampshire.


The cost is £10 per person - 50% goes to the speaker and 50% covers the costs of running this community group.

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Upcoming Events

Friday 12th January 2024, 7:30 - 9pm

Create a Life You Love with Sue Stone

Human Potential and Transformational Leader of the Sue Stone Foundation, Sue is recognised as the UK's happiest and most positive person..... a far cry from many years ago when she had forgotten what it felt like to be happy.

From £10 left in her purse, depressed, desperate and full of fear to becoming totally at peace, happy, financially free and a TV Secret Millionaire, Sue has gone through an incredible life transformation.

Author of her latest book "A Wonderful World For All!" and her other books "The Power Within You Now!" and "Love Life, Live Life", Sue’s passion is to help others and to love life.

Join Sue for a transformational and empowering evening, raise your vibration and create a life you love.

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