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What is

Human Design?

First and foremost, Human Design, just like our own human existence, is an experiment.  It’s a tool that gives us our specific genetic roadmap for life.  In its simplest form, the concept is that if we’re following our roadmap, then we will have fulfilled our life’s purpose. It’s important to mention that your purpose doesn’t simply mean your career path.  When we live our design, we live it throughout every part of our human existence – from the food we eat to the way we interact with the World, and everything in between. 

Human Design can truly give you an understanding of who you are and a validation for why you are the way you are.  We live in a World where we’re all taught to behave in the same way, to follow the same rules and to engage in ‘one size fits all’ solutions to our issues.  With Human Design, all of our charts are totally unique and we’re all meant to follow our own unique roadmap.  Human Design gives us the permission and confidence we need to tread our own path and to break free from the traps of our conditioning and societal expectations. 

The Human Design method was founded by a Canadian born man named Ra Uru Hu in 1987, and through his own spiritual experiences and study, he wrote the Rave I-Ching in 1989 which formed the foundations of Human Design as we know it today.  Combining the sciences behind some of the major spiritual philosophies such as the I-Ching, the Tree of Life, the Chakra System and Astrology, he birthed a method called The Human Design Experiment that can be applied uniquely to each individual human by using their birth data. 

If you’re thinking that this is starting to sound a bit 'woo-woo', then here comes the fun part…our human design genetic expression (our roadmap) is based on the 64 traits from ancient Chinese book, the I-Ching, which dates back over 5,000 years.  In 1966 it was discovered that there are 64 codons (combinations) of DNA within the human body.  This is what I mean when I say that Ra Uru Hu combined the sciences behind these four spiritual systems in order to develop our human design roadmaps. 

Our duty with human design is not to drop everything and start our lives over in a totally new mindset and modality, but to take each piece of information from our roadmap and experiment with it.  And as our experiment progresses, we start to experience our own personal and magical results, which leads us to continue and experiment a little bit more each time, until we have naturally reached a point where we are effortlessly living our human design with ease and joy

Initially trained by the World's most popular expert in Human Design, Jenna Zoe of 'My Human Design', Luke is qualified as a Level 3 Advanced Human Design Reader, but now prefers to learn and work through the teachings of John Yuill, founder of Genetic Matrix, and close ally of Ra Uru Hu himself.   When you have your first Human Design reading with Luke, you will learn about the highlights of your chart and focus on three main areas: your type, your strategy and your authority. This will truly give you the foundation of knowledge you need to progress your life in a direction that most suits your genetic expression.  Ra Uru Hu says that if everybody was aware of these three things, the World would be a significantly happier place, and if you live by these three things, then everything else in your design will naturally fall into place and we would all be living as successful and fulfilled human beings.

What people are saying...

"It was so insightful and has helped me gain a deeper understanding of who I am and how to show up in my life moving forward.  Everything he said made sense and what I love about Human Design is the science behind it.  Thank you Luke for a truly enriching reading, that I know will support me living a life authentically aligned to my true nature." - Lisa M

"The Human Design report provided by Luke gave me great insight into how I best function as a person.  The findings were spot on and I completely understand better why I do some of the things I do! As well as understanding myself better, I also have an inspiring list of actions that I can put into practise to help the way I go about life even better.  Thank you Luke!" - Emma L

"Having no previous knowledge of Human Design, Luke patiently guided me through the process of my reading and gave me the tools to better understand my unique design and habits.  I would highly recommend Luke's readings for anyone seeking to understand themselves better.  Thank you Luke." - Jolene H

Want to book?

Please contact Luke directly to book, including your time, date and place of birth.

Enhanced Human Design Reading with Luke (120 mins)

A detailed overview of your type, strategy and authority, plus further aspects of your chart such as diet, environment, sense and your personality profile.  Then a deeper dive into your gates and channels to identify your personal strengths.

Cost: £125


Basic Human Design Reading with Luke (60 mins)

A detailed overview of your type, strategy and authority, plus further aspects of your chart such as diet, environment, sense and your personality profile.  Write-Up included.

Cost: £70 

Basic Human Design Write-Up by Luke 

A summarised overview of your type, strategy and authority, plus further aspects of your chart such as diet, environment, sense and your personality profile, typed up and emailed to you.

Cost: £45 


Mini Human Design Reading with Luke (20 minutes) - **Only available at fayres & shows**

A brief overview of your type, strategy and authority.

Cost: £25


Don’t know your time of birth?

For the most part, you don't need to know your exact time of birth to access some of the high-level information available in your chart.  But for the really life-changing, deeply transformational characteristics of your chart, your birth time can unlock a whole other level of information.

Luke works with Laurie Naughtin of SubLunar Astrology, who is an expert in Birth Time Rectification.  Using your significant life events, she can reverse-engineer your birth chart to discover your exact birth time.  But why is birth time so important?  The planetary energies that are present at your time of birth can change minute by minute.  These energies programme us from the moment we take our first breath.  Just a few minutes out of alignment can completely change some of the more detailed aspects of your birth chart.  In Human Design this includes things such as your digestion type and your environment type.  The closer to the minute your time of birth is, the better quality information you will have available to you.


The cost for this is £100, and worth every penny!

Sessions can be held in person or online. Click the box to book :-)


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