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Yoga  isn't just about learning to touch your toes.  As a highly trained and experienced yogi, Luke teaches from a place of philosophy, spirituality and mind/body connection.  

At the LV Life Wellbeing Centre, Luke teaches weekly scheduled classes and private yoga classes.  There are also other instructors who have been invited by Luke to share the space, and very much operate under the same ethos.


Class Schedule:

Mondays 9:30am - Mixed Ability Hatha Yoga with Luke

Mondays 6:15pm - Hatha Yoga with Luke 

Tuesdays 7pm - Mixed Ability Hatha Yoga with Luke

Thursdays 7pm - Hatha Yoga with Monika 

Fridays 9:30am - Mixed Ability Hatha Yoga with Luke

Saturdays 9am - Beginners & Improvers Hatha Yoga with Rahul

Saturdays 10:30am - Kundalini Yoga with Livtar 

Saturdays 12pm - Beginners Kundalini Yoga with Livtar (a specific beginners course is starting 20th April)

We try to be as inclusive as possible with our classes, welcoming all abilities and fitness levels.  Beginners will find it easy to integrate into into our classes with our 'no expectations' approach and focus on encouraging students to treat each practice as a personal one.  We teach in a way that ensures you learn to listen to your body, calm your mind and connect with your practice as a meaningful and spiritual experience.  

Classes are one hour and are £10 per person.  Pre-booking is essential.

Private sessions are £45 per hour at the LV Life Wellbeing Centre in Fareham, or £50 per hour at your home.


Remember, if you have a body, then you have a yoga body!

In addition to the physical asana practice, Luke also teaches meditation classes and yoga/spiritual philosophy.

What people are saying...

"From the minute you enter his studio you feel relaxed and welcomed, and his calm way of teaching is absolutely terrific and easy to follow" - Kate B

"Luke has long been an advocate of yoga.  He has a relaxing style of instruction but also an ability to make yoga fun" - Tim C

"Luke is patient and helpful, and I have felt welcome and can work to my ability without fear of being left behind" - Jane C

"As a beginner I have found Luke's teaching calm and reassuring.  I really look forward to the hour of tranquillity" - Helen C

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