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10 ways to raise your vibration

I’ve spent a considerable amount of my life trying to manifest things. Sometimes I’ve been successful, and other times I just feel bitter that it hasn’t happened yet. (If you know Human Design, you’ll see what I did there! 😉)

More recently, I’ve really been pondering why, for example, that I’m always able to manifest enough money to get through the month, even when my accounts are looking dire. Yet I’m not seemingly able to manifest the dream life that my Husband and I spend the majority of our time fantasising and planning over. Even though the law of attraction principles suggest that the more specific and focused we get on something, the greater the chance of it becoming a reality. 🧐 Is there something I’m missing here?

An old friend once sent me a quote that said “Ask once, give thanks often”. And this both confused me yet stuck with me. How will the Universe know what I want if I only ask once? Surely this isn’t giving enough attention and focus to the thing I want to manifest? It’s at least 10 years since she sent me this quote, and I think I’m finally starting to understand…

The Universe already knows what we want!!! In fact, the Universe often has much greater ideas than we can ever imagine ourselves. This I know to be true from my own experiences of divine intervention, and also those of manifesting stuff I thought I wanted and didn’t actually want when it arrived.

This week things started to click into place. As I said earlier, I’ve been pondering this topic recently anyway, but just this Saturday I was working with one of my mentoring clients and she asked a similar question to what I’d asked…”Why do I always have enough money, but never more?”. We had a good discussion about it and beliefs, gratitude, etc. But then we also reflected back upon her successes, and there was a direct correlation between times she’d be surrounded by negativity and actively removed herself from that negativity, and when the things she wanted to manifest then just happened. She wasn’t actively manifesting them at the time, she simply just made a conscious decision to put herself in a better energy environment. For example, she ended up taking a backwards step in her career to get away from a challenging workplace environment that emotionally and physically drained her. But within just a few weeks of starting her less stress, lower-paid job, she’d been promoted, given a pay rise AND a bonus! What a master manifestor!! And she’s so much happier and more confident now.

This truly got me thinking about how I can bring myself into a better energy environment. Which leads me to these top ten tips on how to raise your vibration…

1. Smudge and Swirl! I’ve long been a fan of a good smudge stick. I sometimes even make my own from our home grown sage bushes. But recently a friend taught me about swirling too. The energy gets trapped and stagnant in the corners of our rooms, so grabbing a feather duster and giving the corners a good swirl helps to get the energy moving again.

2. Affirmations. I bang on about this all the time! Listen to affirmations while you sleep. In Dreamtime is where we access our subconscious. What better way to infiltrate our subconscious conditioning than playing affirmations all night long. We even do this for our kids too. It’s the good kind of brain washing!

3. Clean, clear & redecorate. Has your home or workspace become a bit drab or unloved? A good freshen up will truly affect the energy of your space. I fully intend on giving our home a fresh coat of paint over the summer, I just know it will lift the energy.

4. Be grateful. It’s a classic, pretty much the first thing you learn when you discover the Law of Attraction. But it’s a cliché for a reason, because it bloody works! The more you find to be grateful for, the more you’ll find to be grateful for. Remember, give thanks often!!

5. Social media cleanse. A few years ago I decided I was fed up of the energy I was seeing on my Facebook feed (this may have directly linked with Brexit 🫣) Along with a hacking incident, I decided it was the right time to have a good cull! In fact, I culled everyone and everything. I completely cleared and blanked my personal account, only leaving my business page active. And I chose to follow only the groups / pages that were truly inspiring to me. This made a huge difference.

6. Turn off the news. Fear, fear, fear and a whole bunch of propaganda. Put down the newspaper, switch your TV off and back away slowly. I promise, you won’t miss anything and you’ll feel a LOT happier. If it’s significant or important enough, you’ll find out about it anyway.

7. Practice acceptance. This is a biggie! We’re so conditioned towards judgement and expectations, that we rarely practice acceptance. Especially when it comes to ourselves. Rather than beating ourselves up, maybe we can say “I was unkind today, and I accept that I wasn’t acting as my best self”. “I only got half my work done today, and I accept that I didn’t finish it”. “I didn’t even leave the house today, and I accept that it’s just one of those days”. “I accept myself in my good moments and in my bad moments” “I accept that others have good and bad moments too”.

8. Choose which cups you pour your energy into. Again, another cliché “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. Do you ever give so much of yourself that you find you have almost no energy to give back to yourself? I get it, we all have responsibilities and people who need us. But that doesn’t mean that you have to uphold everyone and everything. Take regular stock of your output, and see where you can take some of that energy back for yourself. What commitments can you let go of? No matter how small they seem. The more you chose which cups are worthy of pouring into and which are a waste of your energy, the more aligned you become and the more you can give back to yourself and fill your own cup.

9. Connect with a practice. Whether it’s walks in nature, yoga, meditation, an exercise class…whatever your thing is, do more of it. You need that thing where you can escape the day-to-day and connect with yourself again. Find a practice that works for you, and commit to using that practice to keep filling your cup.

10. Shop better and eat better. Food is literally our fuel, it’s what give us the energy we need to get through the day. Unfortunately we live in a society where we just mindlessly eat. The majority of our food is processed. Even a simple bag of rice has been harvested, bleached and bagged. Even a bottle of milk has been pasteurised, bottled and cold-stored. Even a bag of chips has been harvested, chopped, seasoned, bagged and frozen. And even an apple has been subject to insecticides, waxing and being cold-stored for months before we eat it. Pretty much everything we eat has had some form of processing. Some of the worst culprits are these ‘healthy’ foods such as oat milk or plant based snack bars. I encourage you to look at the ingredients and consider what process each of those individual ingredients has gone through before it makes it to your mouth. The more food we can make from scratch, or the more food we can buy that’s as close to its source as possible, the better quality the fuel will be that we’re using to energise our bodies. And if you’re thinking “I can’t afford to buy organic” - let me tell you this, you’ll find that you eat far less when you buy better quality food, because you’re getting far more nutrients into your body and thus, feel less hungry. Or even better, grow it!

Now, I don’t expect you to implement all of this tomorrow. Take the parts that resonate with you and implement what you can when you can. Bit by bit, your energy will start vibrating at a higher frequency, and before you know it you’ll be attracting all kinds of wonderful and unexpected gifts from the Universe.

Let me know which you resonate with, what you already do, or any other tips you may have in the comments.

Much love and happy vibrating!!

Luke 💛🙏🏻

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