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There’s so much falseness in the World, in particular on social media. We’ve all seen those posts of these super sexy yogi folk in skimpy outfits, folding themselves into pretzel knots trying to impress people. Then you see they have thousands of ‘likes’. Yet it’s so deeply unrelatable for most people. It’s probably one of my biggest frustrations in life. Why do we buy into this nonsense?

The World just doesn’t seem to operate on honesty. In some cases honesty even has people running in the opposite direction. We only have to observe cancel culture to recognise this. Someone in the public eye only has to make one slip up in an interview or have their words taken out of context, and the next thing you know their career is teetering on the edge of destruction. Even if they recognise and apologise for making a mistake, sometimes they can still never recover it. Even though, for us non-public eye people, we say stupid shit all the time! It’s just part of being human. We aren’t perfect, we make mistakes and we grow from them. It’s called life.

Even I’ve been challenged on my realness before. I’ve been told I’m too much, too honest and too unprofessional. Not just in my days of employment, but even by my self-employed clients. It does sadly seem that the World prefers fakeness over authenticity, and professionalism over humanity.

One of my best realisations recently came from a writing workshop that I’d attended, where the facilitator said that you don’t need to present yourself as this perfect, aspirational expert to be able to add value to people’s lives. You simply need to be honest about where you’re at - whether that’s just a step or two in front of them, or maybe some days you’re even a few steps behind them. Regardless of where you are in a process, so long as you’re honest with your audience, they know what they’re getting.

Fortunately the World is shifting. People are truly starting to buy from people they connect with, people who share a similar story, people who are accessible and real. This shift means that we’re moving away from falsely aspirational marketing campaigns and moving towards authenticity. Which is a huge sign of relief for me, as I can’t help myself but to be an open book. I simply don’t subscribe to this vision of being professional. We are all human, 100% of the time. We don’t change species the moment we get to work. We can’t just simply pop our emotions and realness into a neat little box for 40 hours a week. It’s so dangerous to suppress our humanity.

So here’s my promise to you…

Whether you’re an active client or a passive follower, you will never get professionalism from me. You will always receive my authenticity, both in the times that those moments are pretty, and the times when they are not. I am a real human running a real business for real people. Honesty and integrity are my absolute core values in life, and you can expect nothing less from me.

This means that you won’t simply just receive my skills or service, but you’ll also receive my own personal experience when I work with you.

  • When I’m mentoring people, we can learn and grow together.

  • When I’m reading tarot for people, I can relate to your challenges and opportunities.

  • When I’m teaching yoga, I understand when your body says ‘No’.

  • When I’m teaching meditation, I know how hard it is when that monkey mind takes over.

  • When I’m working with Human Design, I remember that some of the ideas can feel a bit unconventional at first.

  • When I run retreats, I know what it’s like to so desperately need that escape.

  • When I run workshops, I understand the apprehension of delving into something you’ve never explored before.

Because everything I do, I do with humanity at its heart.

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