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Beyond The Secret

I’ve just watched ‘Beyond The Secret’…

Just last week a friend was asking me about ‘The Secret’. I read the book probably 13 years ago or so, and also watched the subsequent movie about it. Here’s what I said to her…

“It’s an entry point but it’s very out dated and very much a highly marketed, commercial approach. Some of the basics are sound but there’s SO much more to it.”

I remember being really taken by it at the time, but by simply being asked about it all these years later, for the first time I was truly able to recognise and measure my own personal growth.  Suddenly I no longer feel like a beginner, a novice or a blindly optimistic student. I finally feel like I have some experience to back up the theory and to make me feel credible as a person exploring their spiritual path.

The more recent movie that I just watched really helped to cement some of the things I’ve learnt along the way, and helped validate some of my thoughts on the earlier movie.  There are three key take aways that I’m currently pondering…

  1. The truth of gratitude

  2. The importance of raising my vibration

  3. The law of attraction leads to my purpose

Let me begin with 1…

So many times I’ve preached to people about writing gratitude journals. It’s like Law of Attraction 101. And at no point have I stopped to consider that it’s really just a gimmick. When I write that I’m grateful for money in my bank, having clean water, spending time with a friends, etc…yes, I’m super thankful for those things. But is this really what gratitude is about? A list of 5 or 10 things each day, most of which are materialistic…there has to be more to this.

Gratitude is about truly understanding and appreciating everything that life throws at you. It was just yesterday that I’d said to my husband that the recent separation of my closest friendship is actually starting to feel like a good thing. My World has completely opened up in ways I could never have imagined. I’m happier, I’m feel freer than I’ve felt for a long time, and opportunities just keep presenting themselves to me. It’s like a situation that should feel sad, stressful and deeply upsetting has actually cleared the path for better things.

Similar to when I had my accident, it totally course-corrected me. (Notice the term ‘course-corrected’ rather than ‘de-railed’.) In hindsight, I can honestly believe that if I’d carried on the way I was before my accident I’d be utterly miserable right now. This is the truth of gratitude. Understanding and appreciating everything the World throws at you.

On to point 2…

I only just posted about raising vibrations last week. I’ve heard / held conversations about raising your vibration for years, but it only really seems in the last few weeks that it’s actually clicked what that truly means. For some reason, I understood it before but didn’t resonate with it. It’s like I didn’t know what that actually felt like or could feel like.

I’m now recognising exactly how much vibration raising I already do, and simply in that recognition I’m finally starting to feel and acknowledge the benefit of it. Even as I write this, I’m sat in a warm bath with home made lavender salts, sage burning and clinky clunky music playing. You may be wondering why I’m working at the same time? For me, writing isn’t work. Writing fills my cup, it’s like soul food for me. It’s also my therapy. Just by engaging in this and recognising its value, I can feel my vibrations rising, I can feel myself connecting to something, I can feel it doing its magic. And it’s not that I haven’t done this a million times before, but the key to the magic happening is in the recognition. I recognise that I’m raising my vibrations right now.

Finally, to point 3…

“The universe is always giving me what I need to ensure I do what I’m here to do” - someone whose name I didn’t catch quoted this in the movie (because I was too busy jotting his words down!)

Much like the examples I mentioned in point 1, both times the Universe guided me (course-corrected me) towards my true path.

Just like how I always have enough money in the bank and I always have a roof over my head and a loving support system, the Universe ensures I always have these things so that I can achieve my mission or purpose in life.

When I think about all the synchronicities, events, people, gifts and cross roads in my life, I can now see how they’ve all slotted together to bring me to this point. To bring me to a place where I’m so deeply understanding myself that I’m learning to love myself once again (Yes, it’s a repeating cycle for me!) And when I sit in the power of self love, that’s when I’m vibrating at my highest and that’s when I truly start to understand my worth, value and purpose. I finally feel like I’m getting back into alignment and back to my true self.

So in summary, ‘Beyond the Secret’ - much better than ‘The Secret’, but still not the full picture. After all, you can’t expect to learn a lifetime’s worth of spiritual exploration in 2 one hour movies! Definitely worth a watch though.

Much love

Luke 🙏🏻💛

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