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Human Design in 2027

If you’ve heard me speak about Human Design, you’ll be aware that there’s a belief that there will be a shift in humanity in 2027. I’ve been deep diving into this a little more to try and get my head around what this might be and what it might look like for us. Here’s what I understand…

As a brief history, in 1615 humanity moved into a cycle known as The Cross of Planning. This is where humanity went from surviving to thriving. When modern governments, war, global travel, philosophy and communities began to form. We began this process of harmonising, bargaining and entitlement. For example, if we work and pay our taxes, we can expect to receive services in return, such as medical care. If we go to war and fight for our country, we can expect peace in return. The World fundamentally operates on ‘If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’.

Then in 1781 the planet of Uranus was discovered, and an evolution in humanity began. We became 9 centred beings (as opposed to the traditional 7 chakra system) and the Projector was born. This new energy type came into the World to bring efficiency and logic to a chaotic system that was in its infancy.

Then in 1987 Ra Uru Hu encountered an 8 day spiritual experience where he affectively downloaded the Human Design system and then began delivering it to the World in a more mainstream and accessible way. Giving us 40 years to get our heads around it before this shift in 2027.

In 2027 it is believed that we are moving into a new cycle known as The Cross of the Sleeping Pheonix, and that a new energy type will begin to emerge in children born after this date. These will be known as the Rave, and will be 11 centred beings. Now, we truly don’t know what’s going to bring on this shift in humanity (aside from planetary alignments), but the assumption is there will be a global discovery or event that will shake humanity. There are many theories out there, and I’ve been down some of the more quirky rabbit holes in exploration, but the truth is that we don’t know exactly what it will be. And honestly, I’m not really into some of the extreme theories out there where Celine Dione eats the blood of babies and Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus. I mean, really…

Now, you may be thinking this all sounds a bit woo-woo, but let’s focus on what feels grounded in reality here…

Firstly, everything that I’ve experienced through my Human Design journey has been spot on. I mean unbelievably, undeniably and freakishly accurate. And if you know Human Design or you’ve had a reading with me, you’ll also know the information (that’s prescriptive, not interpretive) is very much in alignment with your true nature. I always say to people, if you can cast aside the story / spiritual aspects of Human Design, your beliefs/non-beliefs and your egos, and simply focus on the information you’re receiving and if it resonates, then you can really start to see your own truth.

Then, what we can all relate to is that we’ve seen significant global change over the last few years. Covid impacted humanity like nothing ever has before. I mean a global lock-down, that’s seriously impressive from a harmonising, community and bargaining perspective. This all kicked off in 2020, 7 years before this prediction of 2027. In Human Design we talk about a 7 year deconditioning process. From the moment you discover Human Design, you begin this process of unlearning all the inner conditioning we’ve been subjected to throughout our lives and start living within our own design, our own truth. This 7 year period is based on the average rate that our cells regenerate. We literally become a new human every 7 years from a scientific, cellular perspective.

So when you put these two things together, I can begin to believe that something may occur in 2027. Again, what that is, I have no idea. Amongst the teachings of Ra and popular speculation, here’s what I understand we could be experiencing…

We are looking at a collapse of society as we know it, and yes, this terrifies me, but it’s not as doom and gloom as some of the more dramatized theories would have you believe. Let’s gather some perspective here. Currently, we can see the institutions we’ve built around us beginning to crumble. In the UK we can see our High Streets closing down, we can see our health care system suffering beyond measure, we can see our out-dated school system failing our children, we can see the cost of living rising at a rate greater than any other time in history, we can see governments making ridiculous decisions, we can see a rich/poor divide across the globe, and we can see people losing faith in these systems that have supported us for so long. We can literally see these things right in front of our eyes, because we’re living the consequences of them. So for the most part, I think we’d all agree that something needs to change.

All of the above is part of this harmonising culture that we’ve become accustom to. It’s very much to the theme of “We are family”. We all input into society, therefore we expect society to look after us in return. It’s worked for generations. But as we can see, it’s not working now. There are simply too many people on this planet and too much abuse of the systems for it to be sustainable, and the people in charge are just rich people getting richer.

The idea is that from 2027 we’ll be operating to the theme of “I will survive”. Again, this terrifies me, but let’s not get too presumptuous. I very much doubt any of this will be overnight. The Rave children are due to start appearing from 14th February 2027 onwards, meaning that children born on or after this date could be born as this energy type. That doesn’t mean that the other types won’t still exist. Much like when Projectors came to be in 1781, we still only account for 20% of the population. We don’t know what the percentage of Rave children will be, but it most certainly won’t be all of them all at once. We’re actually moving into a place where Projectors will be stepping up as the new leaders of the World (replacing Generators) – so we’ll more likely see an increase in Projector babies.

The Raves will be very different, at first they may appear to display traits of autism, but as they grow older and start to interact with other Rave children, their abilities will really start to reveal themselves. They’ll communicate differently, be much more telepathic and much more self-driven/independent. There will be a sort of hive-mindedness about them, yet they’ll still be operating on this more selfish / survival basis. This is what’s meant by “I will survive” – because they won’t be family orientated, they’ll almost be at a modern primitive level, whereby they will be in touch with the true essence of nature which is simply to survive and try to enjoy the ride! It’s only the conditions of modern humanity and our egos that convince us we must be in commune and we must have a purpose. The truth is, we’re all just animals. And the Rave will very much taking us back to our true nature as Human Beings. As they grow up, they will challenge societal norms and conditioning, and will likely begin to step into their power as modern primitive humans. It’s also said that their independence will mean less reproduction, thus helping to reduce our over-populated, over consumed planet.

So what does this mean for society at large? It means that over the coming generations, we’ll see changes in the way that society functions. Governments will be forced to adapt to a new type of human. The education system will need to change. The pharmaceutical industry will be challenged by alternative healthcare. The food supply chain will stop being so abused as we move towards more local sourcing and own-grown foods. Marketing, media and commercialism will all begin to fall as we start operating in a more simplistic way of living. The global economy will no longer hold such power.

And the Projectors will be here to help with this transition, as us older/more conditioned folks may struggle to adapt to this new generation and their way of life, but the Projectors can see the bigger picture and help us navigate it. Ultimately, this is human evolution. This needs to happen in order for the survival of our species. It’ll be a World of less control and more humanity, but just not in the sense that we’re currently used to, as we move back towards more simplistic lifestyles.

Ra says that the best way for us to truly navigate this transition is to understand our strategy and authority. If we simply understood these two elements of our Human Design charts, then we should technically have the skills we need to work with the predicted changes in humanity. For me as a Projector, my strategy is to wait to be invited. And I have a splenic authority, meaning I need to rely on my split second instincts. It’s as simple as that. And if we all knew this, then we’d be much less prone to conditioning and would all be living much happier and more fulfilled lives.

This is my hope for the World, that we can all educate ourselves and our children to understand this simple information about ourselves. Then we’d all be prepared for whatever life throws at us.

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