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I almost gave it up

I almost gave it up.

A few weeks back I was in real turmoil over my business. I’d been working on my annual accounts and realised that my business had only earned a net profit of circa £1,000 since I’d re-opened following my accident. I was in major panic mode.

I’ve never been one to worry about money. If you’ve attended any of my Money Freedom workshops, you’ll be wondering how it’s possible I was even thinking of giving up my business, as I simply refuse to live in money fear, and the bills always seem to get paid somehow and I generally live a very blessed life in terms of modern luxuries. But as I regularly preach, life is not linear, we don’t constantly go up hill towards the peak. Sometimes we slide backwards. And I’d forgotten to remind myself that that’s okay. I was too busy flapping around in the fear of it all! I’d finally fallen foul of societal conditioning and media fear mongering. The cost of living crisis got me! And I was about to chuck in the towel…

With my mortgage rising considerably and my business making very little, I’d felt no choice but to close my studio and get a job For those who know me well, my biggest fear was starting to become a reality. I’d always joked that if it all went tits up, I’d just go work in the cinema (I couldn’t face another corporate role). As it turns out, I’d been offered an interview at the local independent cinema. Funny how the universe works! I knew I’d had my retreat coming this previous weekend, so I postponed my interview until today.

You’ll know from a previous post that I’d been feeling pretty low already. Life was becoming overwhelming as it was, without financial pressures burdening me. A month or two ago I’d listened to a podcast about predicting death and the importance of supplements. Link below:

During this podcast he had recommended taking Sam-e supplements for sleep issues and depression. I’ve recently started taking them, and to my surprise I’ve been sleeping like a log and my mood has felt so much better. As my energy lifted, the Universe started to provide less fear based opportunities for me…

I’d been trying to get a kids yoga class off the ground, but had been facing some hurdles and had ultimately had to cancel what I’d planned. Then I’d made an inquiry to a very nice hall where I attend a board games club. The inquiry was for something else, but it just so happens that they had the perfect time slot for a kids yoga class - without hesitation, I booked it. It’s seemly impossible to get good time slots at this popular venue, so I was very pleased indeed.

They’d then offered me another time slot, which again wasn’t suitable for what I was inquiring for, however makes a perfect time slot for another opportunity I’ve been gifted. I recently spoke Portsmouth Positive Living Group, and have subsequently been invited to speak at the Horndean Positive living Group and Hamble Positive Living Group (PLG) groups too, as well as for Conscious Cafe. Then today, in (not so) top secret news, I’ve been invited to a meeting in hopes for me to start a Fareham Positive Living Group. (Watch this space!)

The funny thing is, the thing I was originally inquiring for I didn’t actually want to do. It was a fear based reaction for something that could have potentially just earned me some quick money. Instead, I’ve been offered opportunities I actually feel in alignment with and feel good about.

The fun continues…

I love to write. It’s my favourite way to express who I am and how I feel, and it’s something that brings me great pleasure and joy, regardless of the subject. Even at Uni I’d be handing in my assignments weeks before they were due!

Another local business has approached me and asked me to do some content writing for them. It’s never even occurred to me that I could do something such as this. I’ve only ever really written for myself. But once again, now my energy has lifted, the universe is sending me these wonderful invites that are beyond what I could have imagined for myself.

In Human Design, as a Projector, my strategy is to wait for invites. This means I’m not supposed to force things to happen, but wait for the universe to bring an invite to me. And here I am, with these unexpected invites for wonderful opportunities.

The retreat this weekend was unbelievably beautiful and in absolute soul alignment for me. It’s the first time I’ve felt like myself in a LONG time. This feeling and energy reminded me exactly why I do what I do, and why I need to continue to do what it do. It reminded me of the long game, my ultimate goal of running a retreat centre. It’s put me back on track and reminded me to keep my vision in sight.

I cancelled the interview, because the universe has my back. It always had my back, and it always delivers. I just need to await the invites.

My Projector affirmation: I am open to infinite wonderful invites.

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