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Manifesting Money - the truth of financial abundance

Let’s talk financial abundance.

The World is a scary place right now when it comes to money. I’m sure you’ve noticed how steeply the prices have risen over the last year or two, and the media is constantly banging on about the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’. It’s constantly on people’s minds and in people’s conversations. I too have noticed the pinch and have definitely fallen foul of the very real fear that exists out there at present.

Now you may think that this chase for abundance is just a bunch of greedy minded folk trying to become millionaires. And as I lay here in bed listening to money affirmations I can’t pretend I don’t want this too. Let’s be real, we all dream about winning the lottery! And as selfish as that might seem, imagine the good you could do with that money. If you’re anything like me, your mind automatically goes to “Well I could pay off X’s mortgage, I could put some money away for the kids, I could help X out of their financial situation…”, and then you start thinking about yourself after you’ve taken care of everyone else you love. Money certainly isn’t all bad, it’s truly about the hands that it lands in.

But let me tell you the truth of why I’m listening to money affirmations right now, and have been for several years…

It’s no secret, I currently make very little money doing what I do. A couple of months back you may have seen my post about only making circa £1,000 over 5 months and contemplating giving it all up and taking a job 😱 In fact, I recently got called selfish for not doing this. But there’s a much bigger picture here, and some very empowering reasons why I didn’t do this…

I’ve always considered myself to have positive money beliefs, and yes, I had a wobble recently. But I reminded myself that even when times have been really tough, like Covid, my accident and the current Cost of Living crisis, I’ve still always managed to pay the bills, put food on the table, dress the kids, and have nice things such as newer cars and family holidays. We’ve literally never gone without anything. Somehow the money just appears when we need it. This is the truth of abundance and why we listen to money affirmations every night, because I know they work and they reinforce my positive money beliefs.

When I was falling foul of the fear that’s currently being expressed in the World, my husband reminded me that he believes in me and that we’ve always managed. Every month, we’ve managed to make it though without lacking in anything, even when we had pennies left in our account, we managed, and money appeared when we needed it.

When it comes to my business, yes, I’d absolutely love it if I could earn enough money for my husband to be able to quit his job and us live out our vision board of material dreams. Ultimately, it’s still the goal. But I don’t do what I do for money. While everything seems to cost double than it did a few years ago, I haven’t raised my prices in 5 years. While corporate businesses cash in, small businesses take the hit of higher rent, higher running costs and still needing to keep lower prices to remain competitive. We often under value ourselves to keep our client base satisfied and to simply keep clients coming through the doors.

I’ve taken a huge financial gamble taking on this new space, given that I recently almost gave everything up. But I’ve done it because I LOVE what I do and I BELIEVE in what I do. And I want to teach my children to follow their dreams too, to make the World a better place, and to not fall into the confines and fears that come in a World that’s controlled by money. With an abundant mindset, money just happens. I’m living proof of that.

So to all of you feeling in fear of money right now, I offer these three tips…

1. Feed your mind with positive money thoughts via affirmations, reading inspiring stories, following people who are killing it in their field, and simply engaging with people of a similar mindset. This will raise your vibration. Turn off the news and avoid getting sucked into negative media. This will only lower your vibrations and feed the fear.

2. Support local businesses. When you shop local, you feed a local family, you pay for a kid’s school uniform or swimming lessons, you make a local person do a little “Whoop Whoop!”, rather than some corporate CEO or share holder getting their next bonus. I promise you that from an energetic perspective, supporting real people living real lives will come back to you in blessings of abundant vibes.

3. Never feel selfish for wanting more money. It’s completely ok to strive for wanting a better life or nice shiny things. Thinking these things are selfish just puts us right back in our negative vibration. There’s enough money in this World for everyone to be abundant, it’s just very poorly distributed across the globe, with the majority of the World’s wealth in a handful of people’s pockets. Don’t buy into this! We are fortunate that we live pretty abundant lives anyway in comparison to many less economically developed countries, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have more. Imagine the good you could do if you had freedom from your day job, if you could work doing what you love, if you could support your family and loved ones. Imagine all the freedom you’d have to make the World a better place. It’s ok to strive for more, because you’d be able to give more back.

Let me know your money beliefs / practices in the comments below. Let’s all get sharing our top tips for abundance and help lift each other up to a higher vibration.

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