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Celebrating 5 Years in Business

Let me tell you, it's been a freaking journey!! My last 5 years in business haven't exactly been a walk in the park. I sometimes find it hard to believe that I somehow found the tenacity to push through. Call me stubborn, but there was no way I was giving in!

For those who don't know, here's my story over the last 5 years...

In the summer of 2018, after two years of study, I qualified as a yoga teacher with Vicky Bedford of Yoga Belleza, becoming a certified 200 hour FRYOG teacher, then subsequently 'topping up' to become a kids yoga teacher through Rainbow Kids Yoga.

This happened to coincide with the adoption of our eldest daughter. As I embarked on parenting, I left my career as a HR Manager and began my mission to open my own yoga studio.

After fierce opposition from our neighbours when we applied for planning to build a home studio, I was introduced to the wonderful Laura Whitaker of Yoga Junkie, and she invited me to share her space in Fareham Town Centre.

Unfortunately Laura decided to close her business in early 2020, leaving me no option but to find another space.

In January 2020 I found and renovated a commercial premises nearby. Sadly, it wasn't as simple as we'd anticipated, and through some poor advise, we ended up needing to do structural work to the premises which delayed the opening and cost me a lot of money...

We were finally set to open on 21st March 2023...

The weekend of the first Covid lockdown!

For the next 18 months we were open/closed/open/closed/partially open....and so on. When we finally got open in the late summer of 2021, things were looking wonderful and business was booming. Until...

I was cleaning the studio one evening after a class and on my way to get the vacuum cleaner, I fell down one fateful step and broke 7 bones. Yes, SEVEN!! My tibia, fibula, 3 metatarsals, scapula and one vertebrae.

This accident left me in hospital for two weeks, in a wheelchair for four months and incapacitated for thirteen months unable to work. In this time, I made the decision to close my beloved studio :-(

There had been many signs that this space wasn't for me, including regular burn-out, illness and stress with just about everything! I was hell-bent on having my own studio, and I just wasn't listening to the obvious. So the universe intervened...ouchy!

This accident didn't just physically break me, pretty much everything came tumbling down at this point. But determined as ever, I got back up on my feet (literally) and soldiered on...

This adorable little space popped up on my Facebook feed and I couldn't help myself but to inquire. A month or two later I finally got a reply, and the space became mine. Business wasn't exactly booming, but it gave me an opportunity to get out of the house and focus on what I really wanted to do with my life. This was a breath of fresh air and a true breathing space for me.

There was a moment when I almost gave it all up though. Business was slow and I was getting frustrated, so I applied for a job *insert horrified face* and almost decided to take it, but then the landlord approached me and offered me a much bigger space right next door. The first three times I declined the offer, but on the fourth invitation (and rent reduction!) I finally said yes. Which brings me to now...

Here I am in this gorgeous space, re-branded as the LV Life Wellbeing Centre. Things are going fabulously and we're really starting to build a community here. This month celebrates my 5 years in business, and as a huge thanks for all your love and support, here's my gift to you...

When it all seems like it's falling apart, here's proof to keep on pushing through!

Much love and namaste folks

Luke <3

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