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Self-employed sucks!

People often make assumptions about business owners. People often make assumptions about me as a business owner, too.

I try to be as transparent as possible, but people will believe what they want to believe. The truth is, if I were a sensible person, I’d go back to employment and be earning at least 4 to 5 times my current earnings. I’d be able to switch off at the end of the day. I’d be able to take paid holidays and receive sick pay. I may even have the luxury of some corporate benefits. But I don’t. I actively choose to make my life harder.

But why?

To reference a post I shared yesterday, I’d rather fail and start over 50 times than settle. I’m not afraid of failure or change. I’m far more afraid of being stuck as a corporate cog, working to line somebody else’s pocket, parking my dreams, not really making any important or significant impact on the world, conforming to societal norms and living for the weekend, my next holiday or to finally enjoy life when I retire. That’s my fear.

My Dad worked is arse off to secure a decent retirement, and died at 59.

I will teach my children to follow their hopes and dreams, to never settle, and to not let society dampen their spirits.

Just by doing what I do, I’ve been called selfish, greedy, a dreamer, lazy…and a few other less polite things. The people who said these things to me ALL work corporate jobs and have ideals about what success ‘should’ look like.

For me, success is happiness, fulfilment and freedom. All of these things I’ve curated for myself by going self-employed. I’m not saying self-employment is the only way to achieve these things, but for me, I wouldn’t trade it for extra money, free time or low stress. These are all very small prices to pay for my joy.

And that’s what I’m demonstrating for my children.

So next time you make assumptions or judge a self-employed person, stop and think how fucking brave and determined we are, and the things we sacrifice to follow our passions. Think about the examples we’re setting and the norms we’re challenging. It may not be for you, but it doesn’t mean your way is the only way. We all carve our own path. This is the way I choose to carve mine.

Peace, love and big respect to all my self-employed friends and small business owners out there. You inspire me on a daily basis. Keep up the struggle, keep failing and keep rising, because it’s totally worth it!

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