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Why do people accept poor health?

So often I meet people or hear of people who are suffering chronic health conditions. Just through my observations, it seems to be that more and more people are suffering through poor health with complete defeat and bitter acceptance.

You’ll probably know by now that I’ve been on a journey of health exploration for some time now. I’ve explored, tried, tested and eliminated almost every avenue available to me. I’ve spent thousands on private medical, herbal medicines and holistic treatments, and pretty much exhausted all routes through the NHS. Some things have helped, and others have given me more pieces to add to the jigsaw puzzle that seems to be my body.

With the current status of the British healthcare system and Western medicine in general, I can understand why people end up so frustrated and left in the darkness regarding their ailments. Although we must remember that Western medicine is really still in its infancy, if you consider it against Eastern / herbal medicine that’s been around for thousands of years, if not since the dawn of Humanity in some form.

As the Human race, there’s still so much we don’t know about our own bodies, which has always fascinated me. Perhaps that’s why I found myself drawn to yoga, to learn that mind and body connection.

Through my own exploration, I have more or less come to the conclusion that how I fuel my body has the biggest impact on my chronic ailments. Currently we live in a World where the majority of our food is processed. Even a simple shop-bought apple will have been waxed and stored. Who knows how long it’s been since it was actually hanging on a tree? Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a packet of oven chips? Most oven chips (not all) will have at least 10 ingredients. So why are we buying these, when we can simply buy a potato? We all know the answer…convenience. This convenience food culture is truly what’s killing us all. I know that’s a bold statement, but I truly believe it.

I, like most people, am a total food addict. This time two years ago I was a broken parent. Exhausted from having a new-born join our family, and feeding myself entirely on convenience food. There were some days when we’d have take-away three times a day, because we were too damn exhausted to entertain the idea of cooking anything.

I was overweight, suffering chronic fatigue, chronic pain, extreme acid reflux and depression. I could barely function, and even had to shut down my business temporarily in order to focus on myself and my kids. The food broke me, but I was still stuck on this cycle of being too exhausted to eat well, but deep down knowing that the convenience food was what was making me unwell. I had to break the cycle.

This is when I discovered a meal replacement diet plan, and while I don’t subscribe to that plan any more (too processed for me), it did give me the gift of breaking the cycle. As I’ve evolved in my knowledge of my own body, I’ve been starting to learn what foods do and don’t work for me, and I’ve begun to fuel my body in a way that gives me energy and nourishment, and fulfils the desires of my taste buds.

For me, it turns out that simplicity is the key to my best health. The closer to its source of nature the food is, the better it is for me. And the fewer ingredients I have on my plate, the better I digest it. This means that I’ve ditched all (most!) of the processed foods, including all the supposedly healthy snacks and fad foods that the wellness industry keeps marketing to us, and I’ve replaced them with organic, free range, grass fed, simple, one ingredient foods. My only remaining downfall is my evening sweet-tooth, I can’t seem to shake the Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations! But I’m ok with that given that I don’t drink, smoke or do anything fun!

And has my health improved? Absolutely. I finally feel in control of my body (for the most part). There are still some niggles I’m working through, but overall my energy is back, my pain is reduced, my reflux is reduced, my depression is reduced and I’m a healthy weight again. I am confident that another year of me eating this way will bring me into full remission from my chronic health issues, and this fills me with so much hope and joy, that I could never envision before. I no longer have to accept poor health as my fate.

And the best part…I don’t miss anything! I seem to have overcome the hurdle of cravings and constant hunger, becuase I’m nutritionally full. And the simplicity of my food means it’s super simple to prepare a meal too. Winning!

I am now delighted to be able to support others through their health journeys too, by figuring out what’s best for their body. Because that’s the thing, we’re all different. And not one method will work for all people.

Through a diet assessment and your personal Human Design digestion type, I can help support you towards better health. Please do reach out if you’d like further information or to book a consultation.

Happy health everyone!

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