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Crystal Ball

Spiritual Development Classes


Every Wednesday evening at 7:30 - 9pm, Racheal Wilmot hosts an Inner Development class - "Stepping into Wonder through Colour".

"Since a child I’ve been able to see beyond our daily reality into a world of wonder. I work with the energy and vitality of colour, and its healing qualities.

I trained as an artist and musician, and my published book “The Keys of Awareness ~ The Book of Wonder” shows how colour acts as our connection to the world and our inner selves.

I have been running courses and workshops, meditation, and psychic development classes, for over 30 years, and I’m excited to be part of the LV Life Wellbeing Centre, to offer classes, painting workshops, and one to one Colour Chakra Readings.

For more about “The Keys of Awareness” see


I'm looking forward to offering weekly inner development classes. "Stepping into Wonder through Colour" at The LV Life Wellbeing Centre.

Welcome to the World of Colour!” - Rachael

£10 per person, booking required.

4 Week Course -

"Mastery of the I Ching and the Secret of Tao"

Starting Wednesday 27th September at 6:15-7:15pm, for 4 consecutive weeks, Tom Leworthy will be hosting this Tao I Ching study group.

"I’m Tom and I’ve been an I Ching Consultant for over 30 years.  I offer practical workshops and personal I Ching Oracle Readings to enable you to gain an insight into the Tao and your own energy.

Week 1: Introduction to the Tao - how to use it easily
Week 2: The Heart of the I Ching - the secret of the trigrams
Week 3: The Power of the Hexagrams - the present and future
Week 4: The Flow of Energy - Tao and your place in it

My published book “Tao I Ching ~ The Mystic Gateway” provides an easy way to consult the I Ching yourself. For more information visit

I'm looking forward to offering weekly classes on Tao ~ the universal energy that flows through everything. Come and find out the easy way to connect with this energy using the I Ching for direction and guidance. Every Wednesday evening at The LV Life Wellbeing Centre” - Tom Leworthy

£40 per person, pre-booking required.

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